2 Different Chimps starting from Jan 2015

Chimps Night Out 3 or 4 times a Year and Chimps Bar Hops on the months with no Chimps Night Out.

Start points for Chimps Night Out will always vary, Chimps Bar Hops will always start at the Boomerang Bar & Guesthouse, home of the Jungle H3, assemble 6:00pm. See the map below.

See below for the full schedule of dates, Chimps events will almost always be on a Wednesday.

No food supplied on Chimps Bar Hops, Drinking Only

Chimps Bar Hop - Next Up

Wed 18th Oct 2017

Due to everything being toned down for the Kings Funeral, this months Chimps Bar Hop has been cancelled.

No sign up - Pay as you go

There is no Food provided on Bar Hops

NOTE: First Beer will be at the Boomerang Bar at 6pm.

Chimps Night out


2016-17 Schedule


Chimps Type

Weds 22nd Nov Chimps Bar Hop
Wed 20th Dec Chimps Bar Hop