Find the GPS co-ordinates of your A Site

NOTE: This page is not very Mobile Friendly, best on a Desktop or Laptop

To use this map

(See the Video Tutorial below)

  1. Type a location into the search box (see Copy & Paste below) and click go
  2. Zoom the map out and then drag the marker to the correct spot
  3. To make it easier to see the actual A site switch to Satellite View
  4. Zoom the map back up to make sure you are in the exact spot
  5. Write down or copy and paste the Co-ordinates as shown in the balloon
  6. Send the Co-ordinates to the webmaster

Copy and Paste one of these into the search box to narrow down the search:

  • North of 36 between highway 7 and the Mountains: Huai Khun Chit
  • Up 3240 close to 331: Khao Mai Kaeo
  • North from 3240 intersection up 331: โครงการปรับปรุงป่าสงวนแห่งชาติป่าบางละมุง
  • Up 36 towards Rayong a little: Bira International
  • Out near the Polo Club: Siam Polo Club, Pattaya
  • Around Lake Maprachan: Map Prachan, Pattaya
  • Soi Huay Yai: Wat Thepphabut, Pattaya
  • South between Phoenix Golf Club and 331: 12.831400,100.967390
  • Between Pheonix and Wat Yan: Map Fak Thong 2
  • Near the lake out behind Wat Yan: Map Fak Thong 1
  • 331 near Asian University: Asian University of Science and Technology
  • Near Nong Nooch Gardens: Nong Nooch Gardens
  • Around Buddha Mountain and Silverlake: Khao Chi Chan
  • Around 332 between Sukhumvit and 331: บ้านไร่ภูฟ้า รีสอร์ท สัตหีบ


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