Other Pattaya Hashes

Pattaya Jungle Monkey H3

The Pattaya Jungle Monkey is a long hard run for men only.

Our Motto: Can't Do - Don't Do - But I will try, meaning you will make a concerted effort to finish the run once you start it and you must at least start the run, no bus sitters.

The run will normally be A to B to C with at least 1 water stop and the run a total of approx 2 1/2 hours duration and is held every 2nd month, usually the 3rd Saturday.



Pattaya Jungle Irregular Lunar H3

The Pattaya Jungle Ireegular Lunar run is as the name would suggest is a night time run that is held on an iregular basis, normally in town or on occasion out on the Darkside.
Normally the run will start and finish at a bar, the Lunar is a "Back to Basics" run, there is no sign up fee, No Records and you buy your own dirinks.

You can find information about the Lunar on this website

Pattaya Hash House Harriers

Pattaya Hash House Harriers was the first kennel in Pattaya, founded by Hans and Molly Kirgis January 7th, 1984.

The PH3 run every Monday come hell or high water. Website