The Pattaya Jungle Monkey is a long hard run for men only

Our Motto: Can't Do - Don't Do - But I will try, meaning you will make a concerted effort to finish the run once you start it and you must at least start the run, no bus sitters.

The run will normally be A to B to C with at least 1 water stop and the run a total of approx 2 1/2 hours duration and is held every 2nd month, usually the 3rd Saturday.

Grand Master
Absolutely Fucking

Jello Butt

The run is under the control of the Hares until it is completed at which time the GM takes control.

A momento of the run may be supplied by the hares in the form of a themed shirt or cap, shorts etc, the momento may be optional, it's up to the Hares.

There may or may not be an On On On Venue, again it's up to the Hares.Brightly Coloured Odd Socks

All runners must wear brightly coloured odd socks and that doesn't mean 1 Black and 1 White sock.

So if you like to challenge yourself with some great Trail running & then relax and enjoy some good humour, then sign up for the next run.


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Tues 6th Feb 2018

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